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Posted in News & Updates, on 09/17/2015

Meet Us in London: UK Private Beta Launches

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Trov Beta in the UK! Thanks for welcoming us to foggy London town. The free app organises and protects your things — from big stuff like houses, to small indispensables like phones — so that you can enjoy them stress-free. Trovs in the United States and Australia already hold over 500,000 items, valued at $5.3 billion. With over $25 million worth of items added daily, we’re inviting the UK to the party.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Trōv Private Beta in the UK!

People around the world trust Trōv with their stuff

Our philosophy of stuff is that your things should help make your life awesome, not add extra work. That's why we developed Trōv, the free app that organises, tracks and protects your things, from big stuff like houses to small indispensables like phones. Trōvs in the United States and Australia already hold over half a million items, valued at over $5.3 billion (or about £3.4 Billion) and we're excited to invite the UK to the party!

We've partnered with world leading data providers

To make sure that our friends in the UK get top notch info about their things, we've partnered with data providers including Zoopla, the UK's leading resource for property market data and CAP, award-winning experts in automotive data. In addition to these new partners, we also now have UK localised data from Semantics3 and Indix for product data.

Request access to Trōv UK beta

We're releasing Trōv to a limited number of people this summer before we open it up publicly. To get started with Trōv in the UK, request your invite code here.

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